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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happily Divorced Review

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

Happily Divorced premiered Wednesday 6/15/2011 eastern on TVLand @ 10:30 pm after Hot in Cleveland premier, which aired at 10:00 pm.

Let me tell how excited I was to hear that Fran Drescher got another series, and it was different. Those are the shows we want to see, and that give us a good hearty laugh. It is too much that we see spin offs and the same storylines that you get bored with after awhile. Not to mention it is based on a reality for the star, which always makes it more fun and intriguing to watch. It doesn't hurt that certain names are attached to shows either. A good and strong cast who can get the job done is the key. Meh. if you ask me I think the show SHOULD be ok in the aspect, but sometimes it is more about the entire package, and of course Fran Drescher who can definitely pull it off.

My Wednesday late night got double the fun with Hot in Cleveland, with the amazing, talented, funny, adorable, and sarcastic Betty White, and Happily Divorced. That is going to boost the show as well, and there is nothing wrong with that. Location, location, location! The pilot is always the hardest one. It needs to leave the impression that I want to watch this show again or even if I was not completely bedazzled by it, I am curious. That is when viewers will continue to tune in. I think that Happily Divorced left that enough to where people will watch or at least dvr; however, dvr is not going to cut it alone. I wasn't on the floor, but I giggled. I do think that it possibly moved a bit too fast by throwing alot into the first show for 30 minutes, but Fran Drescher still has it and always will. She is unique and her comedic ability is most likely enough to carry the show towards the ratings they need.

Overall, it is a great show that I would like to see more of. Good shows always get better. This is a good show. I am very much looking forward to future episodes, and let's watch the show people and keep it going. Anything with Fran Drescher is worth the watch! :D

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