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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Online Dating

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

Should I try online dating? This is a question I receive often because people are finding it hard to make time to go out and meet people. They are also tired of the same old bar or club scene. As you get older it does grow old. Everybody has a crazy schedule and online dating makes it easier to find someone and you get to see them and chat a bit before deciding if you want to go out. My first question is is if you are too busy than when will you have time to date if you do find someone you like. Are you going to make room and time in your life? The answer I get is if I meet the right one than absolutely! You also get to read a profile about them to see what you do and do not have in common. These are some of the positives of online dating.

That being said, there are plenty of negatives as well.Of course anybody can write anything. I have read profiles that sound amazing and they can barely put a sentence together wen you talk to them or when you meet them its like you met a completely different person. The problem is people do not know where to go anymore, but I also think people are looking in the wrong places. A bar is not necessarily the best place, but that is not to say you can't find a great person who happens to be having a couple drinks in a bar either. I don't want to stereotype. I personally think that people are so used to doing everything through computers that dating is another thing to add to the list and say why not? I shop online, I chat online, I pay my bills online, and so on; therefore, why not date online?

The fact is you still have to be careful. There are alot of scammers, liars, fakes, weirdos, and crazies out there as there are in the regular dating world. There is still a safety measures to follow as always such as never going to their house or a hotel, meet out in the open, meet them and use your own transportation, tell everybody where you will be, make sure your phone is fully charged, and get to know them a bit before you go out on a date. I have heard funny stories, horrible stories, and not so good stories. Those are the ones you want to avoid. Try not to exchange numbers with someone right away either. I have had experience in this arena so trust me when I tell you I learned my lesson very quick :).

Society has changed a great deal, and it is dangerous to walk a few blocks these days. Moral of the story is stay safe, be smart, and remember that dating is dating no matter how your doing it. The same rules should apply.

Caio Caio
Many blessings! Smile :D

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pdddy100 said...

good article smart,well thought out.