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Saturday, June 11, 2011


Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

First I want to start by saying I do not live in California I live in New York; however, I still have my opinion on the matter, which is exactly what I intend to give. I had to think hard on what I wanted to say here because it is a very touchy and controversial subject. That being said, it was not only that, it is the fact that I wanted to make sure everything I wanted to convey was properly stated. I sometimes like to think before I write rather than just writing. This is not a draft where you write whatever blurts out of your mind and edit it later. Wait...I lied I can edit this lol. Ok, that is besides the point. :) Here it goes!

I think that people need to take a deeper look. Have we not fought for equality for years in a variety of different aspects? It goes back decades and still people are fighting today apparently. I think as a society we have grown to the point that this should not be an issue anymore. I do not think anybody has a right to stand in judgment here. NOBODY! Unfortunately, it is left up to the hot mess of a political pool we have on our hands. Everytime I turn on the television you here of some other horrific political OOPS! I mean I am not going to name names or mention every single politial public figures misdeeds, but we know who they are. Just log on to Facebok or Twitter it is probably trending. Talk about embarassing.

Is this really the excuse that we are going to go with...the sanctity of marriage, because that went out the window years ago. Divorce is a trend these days. I am not saying that I agree with it, but I am saying it has close to or possibly surpassed the unification of marriage. Look up some statistics and numbers. It is very rare that people take the time to fix things anymore. It is more like hey it's not working out let's split up. My nonna was married for over fifty years and would still be going strong if my grandfather did not pass away. She is now 90 and all she talks about is marriage and family. It is that generation that looked at marriage differently than we do now. I myself am divorced so it does happen and is in certain situations absolutely the best choice. Again, back in the day people stayed together and didn't let every little thing destroy their lives. This is not about divorce either; however, if we are going to discuss sanctity of marriage than it certainly holds a high value on the subject.

Next, yes I am going to go there. Religion. I believe in GOD and my faith is highly important to me; however, I am not a hipocrit nor do I choose to judge people. Some main beliefs of GOD is peace, love, and forgiveness. Sin is everywhere, so spare me the holy rollers who try to justify violent or destructive actions. I don't want to hear someone preach, who themselves is guilty of a list of things. The church is seen as a joke by many today because of the indecencies that take place by so called priests and pastors and even members. I have seen preachers preach about divorce, affairs, living together before marriage and so on. These are all things in the bible we should not be doing yet one day you hear your pastor is getting divorced or members of your church are having an affair and moving in together. Yes, its true I have experienced it myself. So you see we are all human, and not one person should preach themselves a better person or Christian in relation to another.

The point of me bringing up religion is because I am sure the bible is another excuse to have passed this law. Since when are ALL laws decided or were ever decided by the bible. If that was the case than the world would be a very different place. So than let me ask these same people about the laws on a plethora of matters. I am not going to bring them up because I think we all know some of what these are too. I mean people want to talk about legalizing prostitution and marijuana. Really? Oh yeah, those are things that need to be legalized in relation to people wanting to love each other and put a ring on that person's finger. Puh-lease. It is so contradictory. You can't do or say one thing against religion and than ban another claiming religious beliefs.  We can't pick and choose what suites us. It was ok to take GOD out of schools though and off television because his name was said too much on a show. Hello! That was acceptable? Are laws now based on bias opinion or personal feelings. I thought when making decision we are supposed to ignore those things and look at the entire picture along with the facts.

You do not necessarily need to agree with it, but the cause is not about what you see on the surface. It is about LOVE, AFFECTION, RIGHTS, EQUALITY, AND SO MUCH MORE! God is not about anger, violence, protesting, judgment, or prejudice. In fact those are all against the bible. Nobody is saying you have to be gay or lesbian and jump into their bed. Preachers and religious protestors who go out and cause destruction, call people names, create violence, and damn people to hell are not people of GOD. They are people who think they are or who believe what they are doing is right. It does not mean that it is. They discriminating against their very truth of the bible they claim to be their way of life. I dare to say if any of them actually even read the bible all the way or even opened it. It is very easy to hang up crosses, claim a religion, and praise or preach, but than go in their room close the door and change their clothes. I don't mean that literally either. I mean it as changing of their face. You claim to be one person but when nobody is looking you are somebody else.

Are we afraid that we might look bad pfftt...that went out the window a long time ago too. Um, I can create a list of things if necessary to be embarrassed about in our country. I mean again I say REALLY? I find that any excuse is just ridiculous to say the least. Excuse after excuse rather than just saying the truth. Prejudice, discrimination, hatred, personal bias, and so on. We are so afraid of this law you would think they passing a law to commit murder. I mean requesting judges step down because of their sexual orientation? Whose business is that? I have to say that I agree with unless he was attempting to marry his partner, than it is not a conflict of interest. It's not like anybody's personal morals, values, and beliefs will be altered or affected. What someone else chooses to do is their business. Why do we have to open everybody's doors and tell them what they can and can't do or say. So let's ban freedom of speech and undo everything we have worked so hard to overcome over decades. Might as well right? We already do not make sense in half the things we do so why not make add a little more fuel to the fire.

One love people! That is what it is about. What is funny is that these people are pushing for something that what so many take for granted. You want to talk about the sanctity of marriage. Excuse me, isn't that what they are trying to do is prove how important it is to them to make it official with the ones they love and share their lives with as a woman and a man do. Here we are again facing a dilemma where preaching marriage is sacred. Is it not sacred for everybody or are we just weeding out certain people that it pertains too. So when people get divorced should we ban that stating that marriage is sacred. Makes more sense if that is one of the main reasons we are banning marriage for a select group people based on sexual orientation.

I wonder if we should be looking at the decision makers for proposition 8. Let's delve into their lives. I am sure you will find plenty of skeletons behind their closed doors. Hmmm...haha. In all seriousness some of the most beautiful people I have met in my life are gay or lesbian and I love them dearly. I would stand behind them and fight in a second. Marriage is marriage. Look at it from another angle. Nobody is asking for personal opinion or to join in or convert. Give me a break. There is no differentiating. Simple. Enough said.

Every do me a favor actually check out the website and google proposition 8 and get involved in what is really going on. Do not listen to hearsay. Get the facts. Look beneath the surface. Don't embrace ignorance. Get the message. Don't be scared to stand up. Never go down without a fight. Believe in something. Be good to yourself and others. Love one another as there are no differences as if we all look the same. That is how it should be! I am not saying my one voice will change anything, but it certainly helps to add as many voices as we can just because WE CAN!

P.S. I wonder if they ever read up on Separation of church and state??? Dear decision makers of proposition 8: Yes they are two different entities. In case you were not aware.

American the land of the free? Hmmm...questionable these day maybe?

Caio Caio
Many :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NYC Subway

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

Look I get that its a subway, UNDERGROUND, but seriously does it have to be the worst experience ever everytime. I feel like I am in a rat infested, dirty, pee smelling hole. Wait, that's because I am. I mean paint it up a little bit. I think we can make it a little pretty. Don't ya think? It doesn't have to be a palace, but when you go to the city they are so much nicer.

I feel like I need to put on a hazard suite just to go to work. I carry like uber bottles of sanitizer and yes I do carry gloves. I am not OCD, but the germs must be tremendous. Well, maybe I am a little. :p I can't even think about it. The subway ride isn't any better. You got people with their fingers up their nose, hands down their pants, or drunk. One time a dude was passed out cold, another guy licking his shoe for fifteen minutes, and to top it off I see at least one ass a day. I don't even want to admire my own ass let alone a strangers ass.

Than you have fights, screaming teenagers, people talking loudly on their phones like they are trying to see if someone in Jersey can hear them, or people eating like they are at their dinner tables creating all types of smells that are just not good when mixed together ugh. EWWWE! It really is just gross. I mean I think we need to enforce some more rules or regulations or put up ginormous signs saying please no disgusting things or habits allowed on the subway or bus. OH and please be neat, clean, and courteous of others in stations and on the train. Thank you very much and have a nice day. SMILE!

I am just saying!

Caio Caio
Many blessings!

Monday, June 6, 2011

My Nonna

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

WOW! 90 is an amazing age, but these days if you take care of yourself and with all the advancements it is not as hard as it used to be. I just celebrated my grandmothers 90th birthday with my family over Memorial Day weekend, and I can tell you it was a blast. It was overwhelming in a way because it had been years that we all gathered together at one another's house for something big. As you grow older you sometimes grow apart from the ones you love or lose touch or even move away.

I had the unfortunate experience of having to leave my family and friend behind when I was a child to move away. I hated it, and to this day I always wondered what did I miss or would things have been different if my family stayed. Thing is, you never know and you can't go backwards in life. I try to look forward as much as possible. My grandmother taught me that. She believed in me every single day of my life no matter how many mistakes I made. I can't think of another person in my life that I don't treasure, love, and appreciate more than her. She is the shining star of the family. There is nothing about her that a person who meets her does not love. She is this little old fashioned Italian woman you just want to pick up and hug.

She always says family, marriage, and having children are what life is all about. That is all she ever wanted was to find her husband of over 50 years, my grandfather, and have kids. She has three wonderful and successful of them being my father of course :) She has 9 amazing grandchildren who are now all growing up and getting married themselves. She was in heaven at the party in all her glory. I think it was a moment that she will never forgot out of all the memories she holds in her heart. I tell myself I want to be just like her; however, she is one of a kind. I visit her on a regular basis with my doggie and all it takes is a conversation and a good movie and she is happy.

It is amazing the simple things in life that we take for granted that she cherishes. She never complains and she loves to do for others. To this day she tells me never give up on anything. You can do anything you want to do. She is more than a role model...she is my Nonna and one of my most favorite people in this world. I often wonder about all those years I wasn't with her as much as I wanted to be, but I will never forget the times I was. What matters is I am back home close to her in her later years when it counts the most.

Never take someone for granted, love them, cherish them, hold them close to your heart, fight for each other, forgive one another, believe in each other, and most of all have faith that it will all work out for the best. We never know what each day will bring, but I do not want to wonder what if when something or someone is gone.

Many blessings