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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Learning to See Through the Dark

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

Learning to see through the dark is something I have learned to do over a period of time. Life is full of much to many trials and tribulations to not adapt to it. We will have days, weeks, months, possibly even years of darkness on and off. Many of us feel when it rains it pours or like there is a black cloud hovering over us constantly. I know from experience that it is all part of the process of teaching us something; however, with pain, hurt, and bad times, there will always be good. There will always be that light trying to shine through the cracks. There is a message in everything if we look hard enough, because there is something we are supposed to be learning. We have to open our eyes and learn to see through the dark to get to that light. When we focus our minds on that light, than we keep hope alive and move closer to our path. We concentrate on not only surviving through the weak moments, but on how to get through them and deal with them.

I can speak from personal experience and through the experience of others that being in a dark place is not all that uncommon. We are not unique. We all will face that darkness at some hour, and not one single person on earth is immune to this. Just as we learn to walk, to talk, to read, or to write, we can learn how to see what might seem impossible to see through. It can be as easy as opening a window. I know it is easier said than done, but it is all about the choices we choose to make. We can choose to stay right where we are or we can change things up a bit.

Make the changes you need to make. When you see something is not right, than do something about it. Don't continue to sit in the dark and make the same mistakes. Don't close your eyes and hope when you open them that everything will be fine. That is not how real life works. When we create our own darkness, we than have to decide when it is time to see through it. Trust me when I tell you that our own darkness is something that we create within ourselves. It is completely normal to go down that road at times in our lives, but we need to pull out as quickly as we went in; otherwise, we become stuck.

I for one am not willing to stay in that darkness forever. I do venture there sometimes, but with the help of my support system and friends, I eventually find my through that darkness. I try to see what I was once blind to. I try to see the sun when it rains. I try to see through a cloudy day. Now, that doesn't always work; however, it is something that I am learning as a day to day process. I try to break through and break free from whatever is holding me back, but it does not always work. Life is not about dwelling. It is about living. Dwelling on what could be or what might have been will only take you backwards. Dwell on what WILL be. Fight for what your future holds and not what the past has brought. You can have all the good friends in the world, but it is YOU that needs to see. Nobody can be your eyes. They can guide you and support you, but in the end it will be your eyes that saw through the darkness.

What a bitter sweet moment that is when we can learn CAN SEE no matter what life throws at us. Nothing is impossible unless we believe that it is. I am one of those people that never believed in fairytales and that anything is possible, but my eyes are open and I can see through the dark times for the first time in a long time. It wasn't until that long ago that I had the inspiration I needed that was brought into my life through a couple of great friends.

It's funny how special people come into our lives out of nowhere and you just connect. I say these things over and over in almost every blog, but it is a truth that I either used to take for granted. I will always be grateful, thankful, and blessed to have know and have such people in my life. Through our darkest days they stand with us in that dark. Sometimes in their own darkness, and we have to let them see through theirs first. You can't help anybody if your darkness is overwhelming. You can be a friend and supportive, but it is only when WE are in that light that we can lead someone else there.

Remember to always be filled with gratitude. No matter what the situation there is something to be thankful for!

Sooner or later and before you know it, that light is shining through and you will be at the end of the tunnel. At that moment you know you can get through any darkness that falls upon you. It might take some time and there will be wrong turns and unexpected curves, but you can see! That is what makes the darkness easier than it has ever been before.

Be Blessed

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