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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Would I Say to My Past Self?

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

This might seem like an odd question to some, but if you would have taken my Manifestation Yoga Workshop with Jennifer Pastiloff recently, it would have came up. This question really made me think. WOW! What would I say to myself or do if I could go back? I don't think the main goal was to make a list of what we could or would change. It is not about changing the past, because we all know that is not possible. When I first wrote this question down, my hand froze. I was like saaaaaaay whaaaaaaat! The actual question she posed is what would I tell my sixteen year old self...

Sweet Sixteen Party!

Well, the first thought would be to kick myself in the ass! Truthfully, I would say to myself...really? Is this how you are gonna roll? Next, I would ask myself why the heck I chose that outfit or that hairdo. In my defense, all those things were "in" at that time. All kidding aside, this question is meant to be much deeper. It is to get our minds flowing, and to think about our lives then and now. Question it maybe, but do not let it overcome you.

BAM! There it was. I would tell myself nothing. I wouldn't change a thing because I was supposed to go down the paths that I did. It all happens for a reason good or bad. We have to take it in and see that our lives are what WE made them. If you are unhappy, than change it. You CAN change the present and the future. Now, I could truly grab a hold of this question and answer it. I still realized that no matter how my life went, no matter how many times I wished things did not happen or how much I wanted life to be different in some arenas, I learned from them. I am who I am today because of my past self. So my answer of nothing has changed; however, it would be something more general.

The first things that might probably come to mind are things such as: don't date this one and that one, don't let anybody see me stick my finger up my nose, don't let anybody see you picking your wedgie, don't moon the neighbors, don't take that dare to run naked across the football field, and so on and so forth. Again, go punch yourself in the eye real quick...ok you back? :0) Wait, I am kidding...not really! The thing is we can throw some of that silly stuff in too (Errmm if you can relate to those things that is), but just think about it more intensely, but do not over think it. Meditate and take it all in!

We will rise and fall throughout our lives. If you really want to tell your past self something, than tell yourself that it will all be OK. Tell yourself to be strong and take whatever comes. Tell yourself it is ok to make mistakes, fall, cry, get angry, and go to that dark place once in awhile, but make sure you don't forget to tell yourself to OWN IT and DEAL WITH IT! Do not just survive, but LIVE through it and than get rid of it. Tell yourself to keep the past where it belongs once it is there. Lastly, I would walk away telling my self that life is going to be a bumpy ride and to brace myself for it, because we can't change what is meant to be. Everything that happens from that age on will be what I need to go through.

I would never want the experiences, people, or special moments in my life to disappear by altering the future. Life becomes a domino effect of our past. This is what I would tell little D.

Ask yourself who you would be now if you tried to change the past? It is a hard question to answer isn't it? We already know the answer. Look in the mirror. We can't answer it because if you changed the past, you would lose your current future. This is ALL a hypothetical exercise of course. Just in case some of you are thinking I am trying to escape into the past with my pod! haha

It is not about us all telling ourselves the same thing. I just was throwing some of my own out there, but make it count. Make sure it is important and means something to you. You will be surprised what you remember, what you think about, where your mind goes, and the profoundness of it all. Guess what? Wait until you see what it does for the here and now! 

It will be nothing but memories, but that is all it must be. Oh I wish I did or said this doesn't change the fact that it happened and it is over.

Say goodbye to your sixteen year old self, because you can't bring him or her with you where you are going. What was back there is no longer. Never look backwards or your head my get stuck like that. *giggles* Oh, and don't forget to smack yourself in the face with a chair because we all did stupid sh*t. :)

Ok, in all seriousness though, if you look back too hard, you will forget that there is an entire life ahead of you. Don't lose your way by trying to go back. Let go of it and release it. Basically, change your story or rather in the words of Jennifer Pastiloff..."divorce your story". Out with the old and in with the new. This just means it is time to begin and create your NEW story.

Living through the happiness, the fear, the pain, the laughs, and the tears is LIFE! So REALLY REALLY marinate on it for a few days. I did. You saw how I responded at first at the beginning of this blog. I had no idea where to start with it. For any of you that know me I never shut up or stop writing. It is hard to get me to be speechless, Twitterless, Facebookless (Don't judge me I like to make up words), or the plethora of other websites I am on. :D

Goodbye sixteen year old me and hello almost 33 year old me. I am who I am because of you. Thank you sixteen year old me, but maybe some of it we could have left those shorts and a few other things ugh. Just saying! :)

What you would tell your sixteen year old self...(Though it is in your mind, your past self will hear it and surprise your present self) 

Thanks to Jennifer Pastiloff aka ManifestYogaJen for this insight and inspiration for this blog :)

Stay tuned...I plan on answering every question from my workshop :)
Be blessed
Smile Big


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