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Monday, May 28, 2012

Let's Talk About It With Musician/Artist Laura Cheadle!

I had the pleasure of interviewing the awesome and talented artist Laura Cheadle who is a well-known up and coming musician and singer. Laura and I connected awhile back through none other than social media. Facebook to be exact and than Twitter. I quickly became a huge fan of her work. It is incredible who you meet and connect with through social media. Not everybody stays with you, but the ones that do, make their mark. The old fashioned way of making friends has gone to entirely new level. She is just one of the awesome people I have come to know. Laura is not only an amazing artist, but she is also an all around incredible person. Though she is very busy, as am I, we still keep in touch online, and hopefully I will be attending to her upcoming show in NYC on June 2nd at the UC Lounge on 87 Ludlow St. in NYC at 8pm.

It is not often that through success that all people remain humble, kind, family oriented, and grateful. Laura regularly interacts with her friends and lets them know they are always appreciated.

In my session of Let's Talk About It with Lauara Cheadle she discussed her music, her family, hobbies, and some fun facts. So...Let's Talk About It With Laura Cheadle!

Q. Tell me about yourself and your music?

A. I like to call myself a "Funky Singer-Songwriter" I am a songwriter, yet my music always has a funk, soul, blues or jazzy groove to it :)

Q. What got you into music or what first attracted you to it?

A. I like to joke and say I sang right out of the womb. My father, James Cheadle, is a very well known musician and I grew up with music all around me. Music was in my life every single day in my house. If I weren't involved in music, it'd be very odd!

Q. Is your family involved at all or is it just you in the business?

A. Haha We are an all family band! I record all of my CDs at my father's recording studio: 9 South Productions. My father plays keyboard in the band, my brother Jimmy Lee plays lead guitar, my other brother Nick (and also the identical twin of Jimmy Lee) plays keyboard. The two "Honorary Cheadle's" of the band are "Cousin" Ben Smith on drums and my dad's old friend "Phuncle" Tom Vail on the bass. My dad and Tom were in a band in their 20's. Every one fits perfectly in our band and we have a great time! My mom of course is smiling at every show in the audience :)

Q. Is music your main passion?

A. I live and breathe it :)

Q. If you could do anything else in the world, what would it be?

A. I can't imagine a world without pursuing music.

Q. where do you usually perform?

A. We perform all over! We do many East Coast shows in Philly, NYC, PA, NJ since we are located in NJ. We recently opened for some great acts...John Oates/Hall and Oates, Average White Band and played Bruce Springsteen's after party along with the late Clarence Clemons son Nick. We will be traveling internationally soon so stay tuned for more tour dates!

Q. Do you write your own songs or just perform/sing them?

A. Yes, I write all of my own music and lyrics :) I also love to co-write with my father and my best friend Nora O'Brien.

Q. Where does your inspiration come from?

A. My inspiration just comes to. I have a new CD coming out and the songs range from being about things that happened in the world, love, and introspection. I have woken myself up many times with lyrics in my head.

Q. How long have you been an musician/artist?

A. I have been touring since I was 4 years old :)

Q. What is your ultimate dream as an artist?

A. My ultimate dream is to always perform for smiling faces :)

Q. What are some of your other hobbies?

A. Other hobbies are vegan cooking and running.
Laura's Vegan Pumpkin Pie. Looks Yummy to me!
Q. Can people purchase your merchandise? If so where and What?

A. They sure can! I have 'Stay Funky' T-shirts and many studio albums, Live Albums and even a Christmas Album available at
I also sell them at every show :)

Q. Any charities or organizations close to your heart or that you are involved in?

A. Yes, the American Foundation for Children with AIDS (I have a music Video about this charity that features the Children in Africa. See that video HERE ), Save The children and I am very much into Human Rights.

Q. What are your future plans as a musician?

A. To continue touring and making people happy with my music!

Q. Do you have plans for any new music other than what you currently have out there?

A. Yes, a new CD entitled "What's It's All About" will be released this year! The theme of this CD is "Funky with a Conscience" We are hard at work in the studio! You can check out a sneak peak of this new CD at my website:

Q. Is there anything you would like people to know about you that some of your fans might find surprising?

A. I am a runner and a strict vegan and I LOVE Tofu and broccoli :)

Q. Where can people find you and your music?


Please check out Laura's website for her upcoming shows at:

As you can see Laura is filled with happiness, positivity, and inspiration. It shines through in her responses. If you noticed she put a smiley face almost next to every answer. I included them because they represent something about her.

I want to thank my friend Laura Cheadle for her time. I thoroughly enjoyed doing this interview. I look forward to working with Laura again. Keep your eyes out for this one folks, and I highly recommend you checking her out when she is in your city!!

Stay funky my friends!

D ;)



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Jackie Hopper said...

Awesome!!! Great interview I wish I was closer, Id come with to listen!! Positive thoughts and energy to you both!! Oh yeah and "Stay Funky"