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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mirror Mirror!

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

How often do we look at ourselves in the mirror and truly appreciate or like what we see. There is always something we are looking to change. Change is good when it is positive. I am not talking about changing the color of your hair, whitening your teeth, popping a zit, or plucking your eyebrows. Although you can do that too. I am talking about REAL change!

Personally, I can tell you over the years I have not recognized my own reflection at times. I was either being someone for somebody else or trying to be something I was not. We all fall into this fa├žade that we will play out for the benefit of those around us; however, when we are behind closed doors, we take that mask off. The problem is you soon get so accustomed to that mask that it never comes off. Soon you forget you even have it on and the part becomes reality. The reflection is the mirror than becomes a somewhat distorted image of what you are used too.

Think of Snow White for a moment... "Who is the fairest of them all?" It is a fairytale, but do not mistake that people look at themselves and see way beyond. This is a great example of ego. If you are spending time in the mirror looking at the wrong things, than your vision will eventually become blurry and everything around will follow that lead.

Rather let's look and see what it is we want to be or become and if we have achieved that yet. When I look in the mirror, I want to see someone I can be proud of, who loves with her whole heart, who knows compassion, who exudes confidence, and gives off inspiration in abundance. I want to reach the highest peak. Don't just see what everybody else tells you. We must see something different, because we dig deeper into our souls than anybody else does. Who knows YOU better than YOU!

Your reflection can change in an instant. The challenge is to keep true to what you want to see. Envision it, believe it, feel it, and become it! There is no limits to what you can do if you truly want it bad enough. Every morning wake up, look in that mirror, and fill yourself with positive affirmations. Here is a clip that I find to be absolutely adorable. We should all take lead from her at such a young age. When you feel good about your life, you have to keep reminding yourself. This is the way to do it. Look into your own eyes!

It might sound silly, but it works. Build your self-esteem up so high that nobody can take you down. You will built strength that you never thought you had before. That mirror will stay with you all day in your mind. If needed, carry a small one around with you or go into a private bathroom. Just don't shout at the top of your lungs because people might think your a loon ;)

How we see and view ourselves is what we put out in the universe. With negative comes negative and with positive comes positive. What do you want yourself to know each and everyday? What new journeys do you want to embark on? Have an entire conversation if you need. When looking in that mirror, we want to smile back at ourselves not shatter it. Stay just in that moment for as long as it takes. Nobody can see your or hear you and just meditate on whatever comes to mind to get that clear picture you want to see each time you look in that mirror. Each one of us is a beautiful person inside and out and unique in our own way. Don't just see what is on the outside, but inside the soul.

The eyes are the window to the soul - Old Proverb

You can also put index cards on the mirror of inspirational sayings, quotes, or what you want to remind yourself of everyday. This is a common tool many use. I have used it myself. I had them all over the walls and mirrors. My place looked like a giant cork board :)~ The point of this exercise is to build from what we can't see or lost and to build courage to go out there and LIVE! Don't be afraid to be who you are and do what YOU want to do. Nothing is impossible or out of reach if you believe in yourself enough to take chances. Don't let a setback distort your image. It can happen so easily if we allow it.

Really look deep into yourself. We have to accept ourselves before we expect others to. If you are unhappy with your appearance, than close your eyes and what is it that you see? Whether it is losing weight or changing your hairstyle, don't be afraid to look in that mirror. When we can't look into your own eyes, we often can't look anybody else in theirs. That is just low self-esteem. How many of us find ourselves walking looking at the ground? I have done that on and off for years. Our heads should held high. Keep your chin up and shoulders back, and walk like nothing can stand in your way. NO FEAR!

It is ok if our vision is a bit off from time to time. It happens to EVERYBODY! Just don't beat yourself up over it (As a friend has told me many times over). Everything takes time and when that time is right, it will hit you in that moment like nothing you ever felt before!

Mirror, Mirror on the YOU fill in the rest!

Many blessings!

D xo

1 comment:

Jackie Hopper said...

Love it D and thank you!!! I come here when Im in need of inspiration and to be picked up, like you said there are times, days when we can get caught up in emotions that take over if we let them! As always youre right on the money!
Jackie Hopper