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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

NYC Sugary Drink Ban is A Joke!

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

I can stress enough how much I feel this ban on tall sugary drinks is ridiculous. Yet Bloomberg feels that we should celebrate National Donut Day? I think he should look at the calories, fat content, and sugar in a donut compared to a sugary drink. I am guessing that he must have been bored because it does not make a bit of sense to me how this ban is going to suddenly change anything. I agree that obesity is major problem, but it goes much further than a soda. You have to start somewhere, but this ban is not the place.

I am curious, does this mean there is going to be a ban on refills and how many drinks you can purchase? If it doesn't, than it is pointless. People have free will to make their own choices. You can't make a law telling a person what they can drink and eat. Let us not forget the other foods and drinks that cause obesity as well such as alcohol, chips, cookies, cakes, and a plethora of other crap that you would have to ban as well. Now I ask, saaaaaaaaay whaaaaaaaaa? This is beyond words...asinine.

How about the lunches in schools and all the crap they serve to kids? What about lowering the prices of healthy choices in restaurants and stores? If you go into a health food store or a regular grocery anything organic, natural, vegetarian, or vegan is usually more expensive. You spend twice as much and end up with less food. Maybe not make junk food so easily accessible by making it cheap. It is a fact that the less healthy choices are more affordable in today's economy. People can't afford to spend $300 shopping these days. These are the things that we should be looking at. There are so many more pressing issues than banning a friggin drink. The entire state of New York is laughing. Not one person I have spoken to agrees with this ban or see it even making a dent in the obesity epidemic.

Listen, if the mayor needs something to do, I can surely make a list for him. People are on the streets, losing their jobs, can't pay their bills, can't find a job, and he is worried about soda...REALLY? For sure, that is totally balanced. Let's tackle world peace, minimum wage, or cost of living. Anything but this, because it is a giant waste of time and money. It is essentially a joke! Am I gonna get a ticket for driving around or walking with a soda over 16 oz? I am relieved in knowing that I can walk around with a dozen donuts though. Whew! What a weight that is off my shoulders!

We also have to consider that the role of the parents here. It is their job to teach their kids and control what they are eating and drinking not the mayors. This is also where computers, television, and video games come into play. When I was a kid, I was out playing and running around constantly. I rarely sat around doing the things that kids do today. Kids seem to be much more sedentary with all the new technology these days. Pretty soon they are going to make it where you never have to leave the house to do anything. I am a huge fan of technology, but I don't make it my life. Kids need to get out of the house and get fresh air. This is also up to the parents.

I commend the attempt to do something about the issue, because it is serious; however, let's be productive shall we? Just saying!

Hey can someone grab me a 32 oz. soda? :)

Thanks for listening...come back again soon!

D :)

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