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Sunday, June 24, 2012

There Are Signs All Around Us!

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

So many times in life we ask ourselves why me? What have I done wrong to deserve what is happening right now? I know I have asked myself those very same questions time and time again. In fact, I have been questioning just about everything since I was14 years old. I never felt satisfied enough to stay content for a long period of time. I constantly questioned everything. I felt there was more to life than what I was living or doing at that very moment. I made the decision at some point to just do what I wanted without thinking twice about who, what, or where. Nobody was going to stop me. I had a blueprint in my mind all worked out. The problem with that belief is that it is a false hope. I became more stubborn and attached to my own inner feelings rather than to the signs in front of me. My trust and faith became distorted somewhere between the fight of my free will and the determination to make my mark.

We make plans, have ambitions, and set goals for ourselves, but when they don't happen we look around for who we can blame. I am not saying that we do not have free will, but I have come to learn that there is a plan for everybody. There is always a reason behind even the smallest of events. Is it pre-destined? Yes! If you think about it, our lives have a set path when we are born. Many of us choose to take another, but I believe we end up where we are supposed to be in the end regardless. We only make our routes longer by not seeing the signs. Basically, we are meant to be a fixture, and it is up to us to figure out what that fixture is by listening and following our heart. Nothing is a coincidence. When an idea or desire pops into our heads, there is a reason why that is. Its like when you get that bad feeling that something is wrong or some would say a gut feeling. I believe in going with those feelings when they are both good and bad. Again, it is not by chance that are intuition works this way. It means taking action to find out why rather than sitting around worrying or analyzing something to death. Let's face it, most of us probably do the second thing. I know I have and still do on occasion.

The longing and yearning that we have burning inside of us comes from somewhere. We are given the set of tools, but what we choose to do with them is up to us.  It is up to us to live the life we were we want. Nobody is coming to do it for you. The steps that we must take have to be with our own two feet. This is done slowly by putting one foot in front of the other until we get to that door and open it to see what is behind it. Some people will take a path where they get so lost, it is hard to find a way back. It is possible but some will stay and curiously wander in that darkness for too long.

There are not always words to describe how we are feeling. Let's be real, sometimes nothing helps. The fix will not always be as simple as inspirational posters, signs, or sayings. We need to actually DO SOMETHING. Feeling good is a part of that, but the work that is involved breaks much more of a sweat. That being said, it doesn't hurt to have a little boost of motivation from whatever the source might be. We will fall, will get angry, we will make mistakes, we will get sad, we will get depressed, and we will have vices. We will never truly be perfect because that is not real life. It does not exist! I am not the type of person to walk around with a smile on my face 24 hours a day 7 days a week acting as if my world is always filled with rainbows and ponies. I believe it is healthy to show your emotions as they are happening. I already tried the push everything down approach for years, and that does nothing but create storms of anger later on in life. I think it is a completely normal and human thing to do. I don't want to bring the world down with me, but I prefer to be real. If I want to say something or I feel like doing something at the moment I do it. It might not be the best choice, but over time you learn to express with grace.

Do you know how many people fake it until they make it? People put smiles on their faces, they laugh, they mingle, they do whatever it takes to hide what is behind the facade. Most would think their lives are great at that moment and they are amazing. The truth is, most of those people have secrets or pain just like the rest of us do. They have just as much craziness in their lives. We often paint a picture of what we want people to see, even those closest to us. We will tell lies or say everything is fine, but the truth is far from those words. I'm fine or I'm ok are the two most used phrases that signal something is not right. I would bet on it almost every time. The next time you are envious, jealous, or eager to step into a lifestyle that seems like it is a party, think twice about that. You might just be stepping into something unexpected.

Make something of your life and cherish it rather than wishing you had someone else's. You were given the one you have because you can handle it. Sometimes we are taught to be humble and things change to show us something we did not see before. When you look in the mirror you should see that change. It might look cracked in the beginning, but those cracks will slowly disappear one by one. From one day to the next our lives can change drastically...but why? Ask yourself that question. I bet if you dig deep enough you will find the answer.  Nobody is standing behind you giggling. Things do not happen in our lives as a way to make us suffer or a punishment for something we did. Just look around you because the signs are everywhere. The people in your life are there for a reason as well. They are there to break your fall and dust you off when you get back up. There are there to help you survive. There are part of the plan, and they represent the signs.
Every breathe we take has meaning to it. You never know who might be standing next to you or who you might have an encounter with, because whatever your beliefs are, there are angels all around. All of us have had those moments where we go, "that was just weird" and something happens directly after that moment. Do you know what that instant feeling is? That is something falling into the plan. It was a sign! This could be as simple as a new friendship or relationship. Something is going on in the lives of two people that happen to run into each other along the way and it begins. Have you ever had a friend that you feel very connected with or a strong bond? You almost don't ever have to explain or defend yourself because they already know or understand. There is no judgement only love because they just get you. There is never the argument of I was there for you so you need to be there for me. There is only we are there for each other. You can vent until dooms day and they let you. There will always be normal bumps and bruises in ANY relationship, but in the end your even stronger than before.

Signs are meant to open our hearts and lift us up. They are there to lead us in the right direction or back onto the path we are meant to be on. At times it is going to seem like there is a dark cloud over you, but it will clear. There is something that you are supposed to be seeing or doing and until it is completed, it will continue to hover. It is not always easy to see these signs, and it causes us to become consumed with the wrong emotions. It happens to everybody, but if you just sit back and breathe without putting up a fight, you will see it, feel it, and embrace it. Don't we learn from our mistakes? Well when we need to be taught or shown something we are meant to see, things will take place to get that done. No test is too big or too small and it might break us down, but...

"Sometimes the darkness is necessary to remind us how beautiful the light can be" - unknown

Remember to always look for the signs. They come in many forms! Have faith in your beliefs, in yourself, and in the people in your life. Don't try to figure out life on your own. I believe the actual plan is for us to recognize these signs.


Be Blessed,
 D :)

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