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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Why I Jump for Joy!

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

So much of life lately might seem negative because of all that is happening in the world. Some would say it is hard to stay so positive, but we still have to try. By doing this, I mean think of the things that make us happy and bring us joy. That could be numerous amount of things. I try to see everyday as a gift and a blessing. Don't get me wrong, oh I have my bad days and my dark days; however, I try to bounce back. We have to see the good and not just the bad. We so often focus on the big things and forget the small simple things in life that provide us with joy. I sometimes look around me and forget the beauty of life and nature. We pass so much by with all of our rushing around. It might sound cliche, but stop and smell the roses.

This is one of the many questions that was asked to me in Jennifer Pastiloff's Manifestation Yoga Workshop as part of a series I am doing. There are things we just never really stop and think about. I know I haven't. When you close your eyes and are sitting in a yoga workshop so peaceful, calm, and cool, you realize these things. You especially see them more when you clear your mind and open yourself up to it. Jennifer provided this for me that day. It was there, but I just forgot all about it. This happens when you are up and down and than you go to that place that has no windows or lights. What we are thankful for coincides with what makes us happy, which in turn causes us to get that feeling of jumping for joy.

Here are some from my list:
My big heart
My good health
Good friends
Helping others
My dog
Making a difference
Making someone smile

That is just to name a few. I can make an entire list. That is what I have been missing. We focus so hard when it is really so simple. All we need to do is breathe and relax. Let us just meditate and take it all in.

I mean I can go on and on. The truth is that I rarely noticed what made me jump for joy. I was so focused on all the wrong things. This is what I realized recently. I needed to change my way of thinking. It is all about taking the past and letting it go. It is essential to not let our minds take over our way of thinking. We have to live in the now and look towards the future. By looking back, there is no moving forward or living in the present. We will become stuck in the past where possibly our joy was confused for anger or regret. One thing that I can say that made me jump for joy is a recent email I received from a very special soul. I found it right at the moment I needed it. There is always a reason for everything. If we look hard enough, we can find everything right in front of us. It is always there, but maybe it was missed due to misdirection.

She whole heartedly gave me permission to use her letter and her name if I so choose. This letter made my day and put me on cloud 9. When I realized what I did for a complete stranger, I jumped for joy. I felt so happy, but for her not me. The entire purpose of my writing, my passions, my blog is to touch people and connect with them. The fact that she was so raw and honest made me see what can be accomplished when we really put forth our hearts to what we want to achieve in our lives.

It is not all the time that we get to peak into another's life and see what we see in our own lives. I have felt humbled before, but this letter meant more to me. I think it was because it was in response to my blog about how I felt about the loss of my grandmother. It was this letter that proves everything I am saying. I just wrote, but she made the difference.

I recently read your blog “Anything and Everything” about Jennifer Pastiloff and her visit to NYC. I found it to be inspiring and uplifting and having been, many times, at a loss for creativity and a path, it was like reading a friends posts. You made reference to being connected and I felt the same. I recently joined a yoga studio and LOVE it!! Just before Christmas we found out that my father was diagnosed with his second bout of Testicular Cancer, I felt the same way you did when you found out about your grandmother, a whole in my heart. His illness inspired me to take charge of my life and move forward in a positive way because staying in bed and crying everyday was no longer an option…

I guess where Im going and what Id really like to say is, thank you!! It was nice to find someone who has been there and has done that and who is moving in the same direction! How amazing is it, that you were shared by Jennifer on Facebook?? I am so glad to have found your blog and I wish you nothing but success with your writing! Its only bigger and better things for you =)

Thank you again!!
Jacqueline Hopper
Endicott, NY

This is why I do what I do. This is why I write. This is what I want to do in my life. This letter from Jacqueline only made me see that more. With one touch we can touch more and more. You become linked, which creates a chain. Jump for joy as much as you can. There is always something in our lives that create this reaction. You don't have to search far or look too deep, you just have to open your heart and eyes to what is around you. Believe the joy...see the joy...and...THAN JUMP FOR JOY!

Many blessings,
D xo :0)