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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sixteen Things That Should Be On Your EVERYDAY To Do List!

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

I was recently talking to a friend awhile back before I went to some dark places, and she said to me to write down things that I am grateful for every morning rather than focusing on the negative things around me at the moment. So I made a list, but went beyond that by making an everyday to do list. I wrote down what I used to do and tell others to do. At some point, I just stopped following my own advice. I will admit that it was a release for me since the last few months have been a rollarcoaster for me. I can't say I have been the most positive person as of lately. I think we all fall into this category at one time or another; however, I used to take my focus in another direction when this happened. I pulled myself from whatever bad feelings I had. I would wake up not feeling well, worn out, having had nightmares, not sleeping well, or bad feelings from the day before or the day before that and just let it all go. How many of us wake up angry, sad, nervous, exhausted, or just plain depressed based on a dream we had?

These strong emotions are very real as if what occurred in our dreams actually happened. Who knew that unconscious emotions while sleeping linger the next day and become so real. I know some of you have to know what I am talking about. Some are probably thinking whaaaaaaaa is this girl talking about. Hey, it doesn't happen to everybody. That being said, I realized the other day that my days were better and brighter when I held true to my sixteen things to do everyday list. It is such an incredibly easy strategy too. When we forget to have compassion and be grateful for all the little things in between the craziness, we lose all sight. We forget to have faith in the beauty of our lives, and in turn we begin to represent the opposite of what we intend to. We have to practice what we preach. Although, we sometimes forget to do that don't we? My list is probably one of hundreds you see on the Internet or close enough to it, and this is because it is universal and simplistic.

We are going to have good days and bad days. There will be some days the sun shines bright even though outside it is cloudy and other days where no matter how much the sun shines we are in darkness. It is completely normal to fall, but what matters is how many times we are willing to get up. When we fail, keep your feet firm and your head up until you succeed. YOU WILL SUCCEED. I am the first to admit, I am guilty of spinning in my own craziness. We are all human, so I doubt even the most inspirational and positive of people have had their moments. This is how we learn, connect, and why we have our own mentors, friends, family, and support system available to us when needed. NOBODY is perfect! Though some tend to think they are. Sorry to burst those perfect bubbles peeps. :)

So here it is!
Sixteen Thing That Should Be on Your EVERYDAY To Do List!

1. Pray

We get so busy that we forget to do this. I know I have. I went from regularly praying to only doing it when I remembered. That is a big no no. Now, praying might not be up your alley, but faith is a BIG part of our everyday. If it is not for you than replace it with a similar activity. I suggest doing it right when you get up, but also throughout the day. I never stop praying. You don't have to kneel in a church or by your bed. I pray with my heart in my head throughout my days. There is no special time set aside. I talk to God when and where I want. Maybe just not out loud in public ha!

2. Smile

I can't stress enough how important this is. Keep one on your face even if you are faking it. Trust me it does help even when there is nothing to smile about. There will come a time you are doing it on purpose. I promise you that!

3. Be Grateful/thankful and let others know it

Always be appreciative and grateful for something. You can't tell me that there is nothing in your life that you can think of to be grateful for. Concentrate on that for awhile. You will see more and more each day. Letting people know you are grateful is HUGE! Not for them, but for you as well. It is good for the heart and soul. Plus it is nice to let people be happy for YOU!

4. Live, Laugh, Love

You still need to live your life. You can't give up. My Nonna always told me that. Never give up! Life will always throw you something. Fight back at life when that happens. Kick it in the ass! Laugh, laugh, laugh. It is seriously the best medicine for you and your soul. It will keep you loving life, which will now bring me to love. Love is the healer of all things. Never stop loving. Love with every ounce of your heart and soul. Lurve, Lurve, and more Lurve. It is so essential to life. When you have love in your heart, there is no stopping you. Number four is one of the most important ones.

5. Dance

I say dance all over, but some might look at you a bit funny. hehe. Dancing is not only good exercise, but it excitement for your body. If you are good or bad just do it.

6. Think of what you can do for another

I guarantee each day there is someone that needs that lift or a helping hand. I do this everyday no matter what. This is one thing that was just always part of my nature no matter what was going on. Even if you put a smile on one person's face, it is all worth it. It is not about the joy that it brings you, though that is fine, it is about the joy you bring to someone else.

7. Make someone else smile or laugh

This is the same thing as I said above. You have no idea what you can do for someone that needs a smile or laugh that day. We never know what is going on in the life of another. It just takes one to spread it around. You never know what you are capable of until you do it. Tell a joke. Let someone cut in line or pick up something they dropped. You would be surprised the simple things that give people a lift. It is not about the big things. It is about the small things. The simplest of things can change a mood or an entire day. Once I gave someone my metrocard to use on a train because the one he had didn't work. He insisted on giving me money. I told him no. I just simply said pay it forward. He said he would too :) Btw, laughter is the best medicine and gift you can gift to someone who might have not laughed in awhile. I mean truly laughed.

8. Workout (i.e. Yoga, gym, running, or whatever fits your fancy)

This is pretty self explanatory. It is just healthy. It keeps us going, our minds flowing, and our adrenaline pumping. It takes our minds someplace for awhile as well. We need to do this for all the obvious reasons. It centers you and keeps you focused. Believe it or not if you pay attention when you work out, you will see much more clearly than you ever realized.

9. Think Positive

Well this one is also an obvious one. There is nothing more to it. When we are down, we have to think positive. We always have to try. It is hard, and I know that. Sometimes we don't want to bother, but it does make all the difference. It just takes a bit more energy from us to do so in hard times.

10. Enjoy Nature

Stop and smell the roses is a cliche I know, but it does work. You have to notice these things. The beautiful picture to take or acknowledge. You would be surprised on what nature can do for you. Maybe some of you do not like nature and that is fine, but find something else that replaces it. Nature speak volumes if you actually find a way to enjoy it. Go on a hike, boating, fishing, or whatever nature is to you. Trust me on this one. It can be very calming.

11. Tell the people in your life you love them

This doesn't mean call or text every single person in your phone book. HA! It could be one or two people. Just talk to someone you care about and love. Choose different people everyday until you run out and start over. It is important to let the people in your life know this. You have heard the saying life is short. Nobody wants to have regrets. We all have a plan and path. Along your way remember to speak the truth to those people on your way. Call them just to say hi and I love you. Texting works too since that seems to be the way of communication these days. :)

12. Recognize the beauty around you.

Pay attention to your surroundings. It might surprise you. Open your senses up. So many times we just concentrate on the black and white. What is in front of us is not always IT! There is beauty in the gray areas as well. Just LOOK is all I am saying. Beauty is a way of expressing and taking our stresses away. Now, I know all of us want a relief from stress these days. This is definitely the trick. Go sit and stare at the waves in the ocean or relax on a park bench. You would be surprised what you see and how calm you walk away from that experience. It is because you focused you mind elsewhere.

13. Give and Receive/Charity

Think about what you can do for another. It does not have to be huge. It is the simple things that sometimes have a greater impact. Donate to a charity that day or spread the word. Help someone with their groceries. It is limitless on how you can give each day; however, we have to do both. You never just want to focus on giving or receiving. You do not have to make a choice. You CAN do both. In fact it is recommended.

14. Sing

I sing everyday. I could care less who is watching, what I look like, or where I am. I belt it out. Ok, well not in public in the street to scare the crap out of people, but you know what I mean. hehe.

15. Don't make assumptions or judgments. Have compassion!

This is one way to ruin your entire day, and guess whose fault it is? It would be YOURS. I say this because rather than jumping to conclusions, you have no idea what that person might be going through. Usually our gut reaction is to get annoyed, angry, or possibly even nasty and argumentative with the person, but ask yourself what the point is in that. That saying don't judge a book by its cover, it is good advice. Be kind (that is how you would really get them anyway ha), show compassion, and smile. Don't talk under or breath, or curse, or get all riled up. Guess what? You just took your day and added undue stress because someone took too long, cut you in line, was nasty to you, or whatever ridiculous thing that happened that is not worth outcome. Walk away with no assumptions or judgments about the person! After all, you don't want people to do that to you right?

16. Read this list every morning and in no specific order do it! Make cards you carry around with you or tape them to your wall. Read them each day so you do not forget.  

I am not saying that it will solve our issues, make us forget them, or not deal with them; however, what I am saying is that it is better to not dwell and dwell and dwell until we feel we can't escape. It will provide a way to clear our minds up a bit so that we can make the right choices to face life's little curve balls. Just a suggestion! J

Be well
Be blessed
Be grateful