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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

I wrote something awhile back on NOH8 and I felt the need to do it again because it has been awhile. Of course we are in the midst of the Supreme Court ruling as well, which prompted me to speak out yet again. I am really not sure what the issue is here. We are all human and nothing makes anybody any more normal than the person next to them. The LGBT community is no different than any other community. We are all just trying to survive and come together. If the system wants to stop that from happening, they are obviously not out for a better future. To stop people from living their life and loving one another because of gender is absurd. Who gives anybody the right to do that or judge? It is not our place to judge.
These decisions seem to be made on personal biases and prejudices. You don’t want to create laws that we should be making, but you want to make ones that are silly and uncalled for. Our problem today is not who wants to get married and share rights. That is the least of our problems. Why make a problem out of something so natural? This is how I feel about it. There is no real or valid argument against it. They want to get married and share their lives together not go out and commit a crime. Loving someone is not a crime. Wanting to get married and have a family is not a crime. We need more love spread in this country. In fact, the more the merrier I say. With all the tragedy that goes on in the world, this is what people are scared of. Give me a break. Decisions should not be made out of fear or being afraid of the unknown just because a few people here and there don’t understand or agree. Nobody is asking anybody to embrace a lifestyle or force them to be part of something they do not want to be a part of.

In all honesty, it is as if the ones making these decisions are afraid of cooties. Are we in third grade? We are simply asking that you do what is right. This is not wrong in any way, shape, or form. Where in the Ten Commandments does it say this? Actually, show me in the bible where it says to have hatred or bigotry in our hearts. Show me in the bible where it is not all about love. The bible is love. If we want to bring religion into it and God, then let’s not be coy. Has everybody deeming same sex marriage to be wrong actually read the bible from cover to cover? I am a Christian and I have always believed in God and have a strong faith, but I just happen to not be a hypocrite and closed minded. I choose to not see things one way. I choose to have faith in people. God accepts and loves all. He does not pick and choose. Does it make me any less of a Christian? Nope! Do I believe in God any less? Nope! I am proud to say I am a huge supporter for the LGBT community and equal rights. I have no problems with saying that. I don’t walk around claiming to be of God while yelling out slurs and doing everything that is the opposite of what God stands for. Damning someone to hell is not very religious.

Since when is it a sin to love? Unless God is going around knocking on doors saying you are going to hell, nobody should be making that assumption. I hate to bring it up, but we have priests and pastors who are getting divorced, molesting, and breaking other laws in the church while the system chooses to sit there and preach right and wrong about marriage and gender. I wonder if they realize they are preaching right and wrong while condoning divorce. So let’s make a law saying that you are not allowed to get divorced because divorce IS in the bible. We can go to church every week and follow all these biblical rules, but that does not necessarily make a person good or right. It is going through the motions. It is about how you live, love, and treat others that truly make the difference. It is about so much more than simple steps. I could go to church tomorrow and cheat on my spouse the day after that. Is that ok? The secrets or sins we all carry go far beyond that.

Where does it say we can’t be equal? Why not? This is 2013 and we live in a much more modernized society, so to say that people can’t get married baffles me. I am not separating them as gay, lesbian or transgender because they are people. They are not in a separate category because they choose to live their life different than another. Their love is no different than yours or mine. Let me pose this question. If you could know before your child was born that they were going to be gay, would you choose not to have that child if you are against abortion? Honestly, you can’t pick and choose what is convenient and when. That might be a harsh question, but it is a fair one. They are fighting to be together while opposite sex couples are getting divorced at a higher rate than ever before. I call that progress. You can’t take away a freedom they have a right too. You can’t take away their right to be happy. You can’t take away their strength to face what they face day in and day out. You can’t take away who they love. We want to be a society free of bullying, well congratulations because the system is doing everything to prevent that from happening. They are condoning it. So many people are standing up and speaking out because we believe what the SYSTEM is doing is wrong. I often wonder what people see when they look in the mirror. I see me. I don’t see a color, a gender, or an age. I see a human being full of love.

State by state we are creating change. You can’t preach change but at the same time try to prevent it. The institution of marriage has been falling apart for years. There is no denying that. All bullshit aside, get with the program and get over it. The system sounds like a bunch of crybabies that can’t have their way. No point is being proven by upholding the decision to not allow same sex couples to get married. Again, I will bring up separation of church and state, which apparently is being ignored. Let people move on. Just end the suffering rather than trying so hard to be right or in the “cool club”. The cool club is what is outside of your doors holding up those signs, which you are not a part of. The majority is growing against the system and that is evident. There are more of us on this side than there are of the haters on the other side. It is time to end the inevitable. We are the people speaking out. Maybe it is time to listen.

It is time to put aside all the hate and show that our nation is of love. We are together as one. We can’t talk about uniting as one when we so far apart on subjects like this. What are we teaching the future generations and our children? Everybody deserves to be loved. It is not fair to put limits on that nor is the system even justified. Many people of all types of faith are not on your side. What does that say? Now is the time! Do what is right and pull the sticks out of your asses and rise up!


LOVE <3 o:p="">

This is the way it should be. If the system decides to uphold their decision, it is never over. People will keep fighting until we get there. So accept it and understand that you might as well just join the rest of us.

Set us all free. We are not truly free until you allow us the rights that freedom provides us!
Many Blessings and Love


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