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Friday, April 19, 2013

You Will Not be Lost Watching Lost Girl

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

SyFy has become one of the channels to watch. The shows are gaining more and more popularity as they are renewed and are created. I for one am a huge fan of the network. I enjoy several shows on the network such as Lost Girl, Warehouse 13, Continuum, and Defiance. They have great television lineups during the season. The shows are innovative, exciting, different, interesting, and the cast ensembles are amazing. They have great chemistry. What I like is that there is comedy thrown in with the serious aspects of each show. One could always use a good laugh to balance a show out in the midst of the chaos or seriousness. Personally, I love sarcastic comedic lines. They resonate better and make it that much more fun to watch.

Lost Girl definitely falls into all of these categories. The cast has such a presence when they work together. The show stands out from others. It can be serious, hilarious, and supernatural all at once and balanced out in a way where it is not overdone. I say this because some shows are not. We all know some comedy can sound very scripted, not acted out well, or seem forced. I love the sarcastic aspect of Lost Girl. The facial expressions and body language are priceless. Though the writers are a big part of the success of the show, the actors have to be able to pull it off to keep an audience tuned in. The show is multifaceted, which is something I look for in a good show.

There have been many times that shows get cancelled and I can’t figure out why people are not watching. Frankly, I am tired of seeing the same shows or a gazillion spin-offs of one show. Let’s put some new and fresh shows on television. Lost Girl is one of those shows that provide that fresh energy.

Let’s talk about the cast for a bit. Anna Silk, who is an actress I was recently introduced too when Lost Girl came out, is fabulous. She is such a talented actress. I think she was a perfect casting choice for a lead role. I find her form of acting very impressive. It is not easy to pull off such a diverse role. What I also enjoy about Anna Silk is that she is amazing to her fans and very kind. On Facebook and Twitter she gives back and interacts with them a great deal. She reaches out and is not just concentrated on one aspect of what she does. It is enjoyable to interact with actors such as her. Case in point here:

The rest of the cast is great as well. I love the character Ksenia Solo plays and she is adorable. Zoie Palmer, K.C. Collins, Rick Howland, Kris Holden-Reid, and Emmanuel Vaugier are all fabulous and amazing. They all make this show happen. It is never one person or one role that creates success. It takes an incredible and unique ensemble to truly make a show last. This show has the qualities it needs. I love being introduced to something new, and with this show I certainly was in every aspect. You will not be disappointed with this show. Cheers to a very long and prosperous show.

I look forward to the continuation.

Please tune in to SyFy on Mondays at 10 pm est time. Check your local listings.

You can find the cast on Twitter and Facebook

Anna Silk : @Anna_Silk
Ksenia Solo: @KseniaSolo
Zoie Palmer: @ZoiePalmer
K.C. Collins: @kccollinsworld
Kris Holden-Ried:@KrisHolden_Ried

Rick Howland: @Rick_Howland
Emmanuelle Vaugier: @evaugier

Happy watching
D :)

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