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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time...

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

I understand I am about two seasons late, but I only got caught up recently.

I have to tell you that I am such a fan of this show, and I do not say that often. This show is so well done and has such an interesting and intriguing storyline, and the writing is top notch. The cast ensemble is fabulous, which helps bring to show to life. It is nice to see something so unique and different on television these days. It is not the same story lines you see day in and day out or the trendy cop show. Sunday night television for me has become my night of guilty pleasure, including Revenge. I have to say that this is one show I can add to my list of favorites. You don't often find shows that can be compared to good quality classic television. That is what this show is...for me anyway. The show is fresh and you never know what is going to happen from one moment to the next and it is also brought into modern times as well. What is there not to love about this show? It is action, fantasy, suspense, drama, and even some comedy in an hour.

The cast works together lovely and the chemistry is irresistible. I find it extremely delightful. It is simply good television, which is rare to find these days with so many shows becoming scarce due to reality television taking over the waves. I prefer a scripted series for entertainment. This show should be around for a long while. I think it has great things ahead and offers a lot to viewers. I have noticed on many social media sites viewers are actually empowered by the characters in some ways.

Lana Parrilla aka The Evil Queen is beyond words the perfect person for that role as I watched episode after episode to catch up. I recently became familiar with Lana Parrilla through some of her other work, which I also enjoyed watching. She is beautiful, talented, and has a rock star personality based on what I have seen in interviews and on Twitter, along with being very dedicated and appreciative to her fans as well. She kills it with every scene. I enjoy a versatile actor or actress, because it adds more depth to each role when someone can so naturally flow in and out of characters as so many talented actors do. I enjoy her character the most even though it is the character we all love to hate. I find the character multifaceted to where you almost feel sorry for her because you can see the humanity she has in her.

That is not an easy feat to accomplish in acting. Lana Parrilla does that beautifully. The following she has is even more impressive. I recently learned that her fans are called Evil Regals, which is a totally badass by the way. It is humbling to know you can give back as an actress and be a role model for so many young and even older viewers. She does that in other ways as well through the LGBT community and other advocacy work she does that is close to her heart.

That being said, every actor on the show is truly gifted in the roles they play. They all bring their own uniqueness to their characters. All are award winning performances, and I recommend it to everyone.

When I first saw this show come out, I thought it might just be geared towards children or a younger generation; however, I was pleasantly surprised that it is the complete opposite. It caters to ALL ages.

Check it out. A show you do not want to miss. If you have not watched it yet, buy season 1 and 2 and catch up. You won’t be sorry.

You can follow the show and cast on Twitter:

ABC Sundays at 8 pm.

Stay tuned…


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