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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Message of LOVE campaign by BKO

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

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There comes a time in our lives where it all becomes too much with the the stories we hear and the heartbreaking tragedies of lives lost too soon. Inspiration comes from a great many places, but I have been blessed to get mine from a few specific areas. I think the more we spread love and do things such as this and trend it, the better off the world will be. We trend various things, but this is one that should last all year long. Love and hope are the two greatest feelings, joys, and emotions in life. Maybe it will make people think, maybe it will bring people together, maybe people will forgive, maybe people will stop attacking each other so much, and maybe...just maybe, lives will be changed. That is the goal. It doesn't matter if it is one or a thousand. One by one, it will become thousands. It might save a life or help others find their compassion, acceptance, and understanding who are lost on what they don't know. Love is love. It is simple.

So with this new found motivation and inspiration I incorporated a campaign into my organization/small business Bullies Keep Out geared towards ending and preventing bullying and called it "message of love campaign".

So many times we become judgmental on silly things such as hair color, hair length, what we wear, how we wear something, and so on and so forth. Too often assumptions are made without even knowing the person. This must stop! Don't assume that a girl who has a short hairstyle or is wearing a sporty outfit with a baseball cap and plays sports is a lesbian. Don't assume because a guy might wear pink that means he is gay. Even so, who cares. We are all beautiful and equal no matter who we choose to love and how we choose to live our lives. It doesn't change the actual person inside and their heart, which is what is most important.

Please do not bully or harrass another for being different. This applies to all of us who are different in our own unique ways. That person might end up being your best friend down the road or some amazing person that you will later not see yourself ever living without. They just might be one of the greatest people you ever come in contact with. Make new friends, embrace them for who they are, love the ones you have no matter what, and be accepting.

How often do we meet new people on social media every day that we build new friendships with? That is what life is about. Finding more love and support as we all need all we can get in this world. Go out and be YOU! No fear. Social media should be for good and not for the negativity that it is causing with bullying.

If you notice in my video I am wearing a baseball cap and my hair is pulled back. I also happen to have a deeper voice than some women. Do you know how many assumptions will be made by those few things? Do I care? Nope! I know who my friends are and who I am, and I am happy. That is all that really matters. It doesn't matter to me what unhappy people think. Most who judge, hate, and discriminate are unhappy or have issues they are not dealing with themselves...or they are afraid. I came to realize that years ago.

When I was young I was an athlete, and I can't tell you how many people thought I was a lesbian or bisexual because I had a tomboy side, which I still have. I also always hung around the boys and had more boy friends than girl friends. I played all sports, I was rough, I would climb trees, I hung out with the boys in my neighborhood, but I also played house, played with dolls, and all the other so called "girl things" we are conditioned to do for fear something might be wrong with us if we played with a toy or did something that was not becoming of our gender.

I do not pick and choose who to love and have in my life based on certain criteria. Guess what? I am also a woman who is good at fixing things and electronics and doing work that some people normally would say is a man's job. I like to not have to rely on others if I can do it myself. Why is there something wrong with a woman knowing how to take care of herself as an adult?
Special note: My ex-husband is still one of my best friends. How many can say that? haha

The point? I live my life the way I want too and not for anybody else. If people don't want to be in my life, they have every right not to do so. Don't ever let someone bully you or make you feel less of a person because of it. Keep your head up, say I appreciate your opinion, and keep walking and moving forward until they come around. If they do not, it is their loss and our gain.
Love is one of the easiest things we are given to do in this life. So just do it and don't ask questions.

Please create your own video upload and tag #BKO or #Bullieskeepout. Create a piece of artwork, tell your story...whatever you choose to do. Let's spread the love and do this. Post it to your sites and send it to me at If something is going to trend...this should be it. :)
You can also listen to the HOPE podcast on Bullies Keep Out website, which is part of the message of love campaign.

Be kind...always LOVE BIG!


Dana Jacoviello is a writer, psychology student, student affiliate of APA and NYSPA, works in cyber-bullying investigations, participated in a 30 Day Challenge as an expert in healing and recovery in personal growth/emotional well-being for the OM Times, & is a reporter/writer for the OM Times. Dana is also a motivational mentor/coach, with a strong interest in networking & social media, healing, recovery, yoga & meditation. Please join Dana on her latest anti- bullying campaign/project

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