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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

'Telenovela' Review

'Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

What is there to say about Telenovela? EVERYTHING! Eva Longoria did it for me when I first heard about this show. She has made a triumphant return to television in the best possible way she could have. She plays Ana Sofia, a somewhat high maintenance, exaggerated version of a glamorous star of a long running program called Telenovela. Granted, shows will have mixed reviews, good reviews, and yes, negative ones. They will also be compared to other shows. Me, nothing but love for this show. At first, some might think a show about a show? It has that special spoof energy to it though. It isn’t boring or overdone. I have read other reviews about it not being very funny and blah blah blah. Please, give me a break. What show are they watching? I have been watching shows for years, and my family worked in television; therefore, I do know a thing or two. What show is perfect? Every show on television can reflect another premise or storyline at some point. I try to look a bit deeper than that when picking shows I want to watch.

My reviews and thoughts are typically on my own personal unique style of writing...keep that in mind.
That being said, Eva could be in a show about how to tie your shoelace, and I would watch it. Not only is she funny, talented as an artist/actor, but she can direct, produce, and is an amazing philanthropist. Di we need to add anything else to her resume? Which I am sure I left something out; however, I am not so sure about the singing part [insert me laughing], but I would still do karaoke with her.
So though I can all talk about Eva all day long, the rest of the cast of Telenovela has me loving this show even more. I have never seen a comedic ensemble that worked more in sink together. They were all made for this show. I have not laughed at a comedy so hard since back in the day of good old fashioned half an hour shows like I love Lucy, Golden Girls, All in The Family, and so on. You see where I am going here? It isn’t an easy feat to do a 30 minute comedy that stays on television these days.
There rest of the cast includes: Diana Maria Riva (my Miyagi moments partner in crime), Xavier Castillo (HELLO), Amaury Nolasco (Just all types of love for that casting), Jose Moreno Brooks (More love), Jadyn Douglas (She cracks me up), and Alex Meneses (She can break it down and the hair is fab).
They are all a hot mess, but in the best way possible. It might be a comedy, but at the end of the day, there is a lot of love in each episode too. It is filled with belly laughs, love, friendships, great storylines, physical comedy, great guest stars, and it is different. It is nice to not see a spin-off of a spin-off of another spin-off. I like fresh shows with new ideas. This hits the nail right on the head.

Let’s me also ask, who doesn’t want to see Eva Longoria belt out a song on a piano while falling off of it, among many other falls she takes. Another plus, a good portion of the premise is about boobies. Tell me who does not enjoy a good show where they talk about boobs…all.the.time? I personally think from the last episode I watched that Apple should make an app called iBoob, thanks to Diana Maria Riva. Do we know what it would do though? Thoughts?
Can I also talk about the fashion for a moment? One word, cat walk! I have to commend the cast for their wardrobe. I would not be able to walk or breathe in half of what they wear. They make it all look good. You have to see it to believe it. Let me put it that way.
Now, from what I have seen, this show is a hit. I am not sure how anybody would not want to watch this show. I expect to see many more seasons to come. I do not foresee this show going anywhere. I urge you all to watch this show. If you have yet to watch it, go on demand and catch up or go online. Do not miss out on a fabulous show with so much skilled talent and tears of laughter. I literally mean tears of laughter too. A bonus, if you like to see a cast who can break it down, sing (well, some of them…ahem Eva again) [insert me laughing], wear tight clothes, be a bunch of gangstas, smartasses, and again BOOBS, this is a show for you. So basically, it is a show for everybody.
They live tweet every single week, and they even send videos and answer all your questions. I mean come on, what else can you ask for in a cast and in a show?
I live tweet with the cast every Monday, and they are all a blast. Join me and give them all a follow on Twitter.

You can catch the show on NBC Mondays at 8:30 pm eastern/7:30 pm central

Written by Dana Jacoviello

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