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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Lana Parrilla: Hollywood Actress and Activist Does Social Good in Big Ways

Lets Talk About It - From NYC w/Dana J.

Lana Parrilla Face Forward LA Charity t-shirt Campaign

Lana Parrilla has both privately and publicly been an advocate for years for many causes such as LGBT, equality, bullying, climate change, human rights, animals rights, and the list goes on; however, over the last few years, this beautiful hearted human being has become synonymous with the term philanthropy and being a humanitarian. 

Lana is an artist/actress known for many roles; however, her most recent and recognizable role is that of the Evil Queen and Regina on the hit ABC show Once Upon A Time, which you can all watch on Sundays at 8 pm eastern.

I am an activist/advocate, with philanthropic and humanitarian efforts myself. I am not up there with the Hollywood’s elite, but we all do our part together and united.  Doing social good is what prompted me to start my organization Bullies Keep Out LLC (currently working on our 501c3)which is only getting bigger and better with the help of my celebrity ambassador actor Michael Raymond-James and the many others celebrities that I work with. Something I always felt was a big part of who I am. 

That being said, Lana happens to follow my organization. I was thrilled to see Lana follow and have her support in any way. Always an honor to have someone like Lana Parrilla, who is so passionate, to take an interest in what you do.

Her inspiration on my timeline is indescribable, as I stated above. Again, since Once Upon A Time began, I have never seen a reaction from fans the way they way they react to Lana Parrilla. She is a true champion and warrior online and offline.

She has helped fans come out, have hope during struggle, be strong, has changed their lives, saved their lives, help them stop cutting and hurting themselves. The stories are endless, and I hear them on a regular basis.  Even her colleagues and friends praise her constantly on social media. So I say, what is there not to love , adore, or admire about Lana Parrilla?

Lana Parrilla at HRC Cleveland Gala 2012

You can also watch her incredibly heart warming and inspirational speech here: LP HRC
In the video above, Lana makes a very moving motivational speech for the Human Rights Campaign.

Lana speaks out and attends events for charity and causes on a regular basis. This is not a once in awhile thing for her. She also spoke and walked for Aids Walk NY in 2014, which I had the pleasure of participating in myself walking with Jeff and Adam of NOH8 Campaign and wonderful people such as Lana and other celebrities who participated. Of course, I am only touching the surface with her resume of accomplishments. She travels all over from LA, Vancouver, NYC, and anyplace else she can lend her hand and be of use and spread love.

Lana has a major impact on her fans, as stated above. She is always posting positive or inspirational things for them ranging from a variety of topics that are important to herself and them. She is a person who spreads hope, which is fitting considering her current role on television. Her show is about love, hope, and not giving up. It has many great messages, which is right up Lana’s alley. Even her character on television touches them on a personal level. It is astonishing to see how lives unfold.

The emotions, the loyalty, the appreciation. They truly see her as their hero they look up to. They listen to her every word. Lana has even been referred to as a walking heart. She feels for every person she meets and tries to help and provide words of wisdom.

What she does resonates with others, as they do her, which is a big part in making a difference and creating change. There is always a way to connect with others, and she finds it.

Lana Parrilla NOH8 Campaig Photo Shoot

Lana is humble, giving, compassionate, understanding, and exudes positivity. Lana Parrilla seems to have always had that presence. She is not only charming, but a strong woman who raises her voice and stands up for what she believes in, no matter any backlash. She speaks out every chance she gets.

She not only influences fans, but her friends. They all make sure to help out when they see that Lana tweets or shares information about a project or fundraiser she is doing for certain causes. You can also find Lana giving that right back to her friends in their ventures. Always sharing and discussing topics on her timeline, promoting, or whatever it might be where she can help and use her status. There are no limits on social good for this beauty.

I see her quickly becoming one of Hollywood’s top activists and favorite ladies. Watch out for her in every arena of what she does. She is an activist/humanitarian that you want supporting you. Such a beautiful soul and person inside and out.

Lana Parrilla's Ebay Charity Auction Benefiting #WildLifeCru #CecilTheLion

Lana's has also made amazing strides in the amount of money she raised with her charity for #WildLifeCru #CecilTheLion Ebay auction. She auctioned off PERSONAL items of hers that fans flocked to. I thought the idea was just plain genius, and fans were all over it. It was truly amazing. She also had another successful run with her t-shirt campaign for domestic violence for Face Forward LA. #LongLiveHope. She adopted an elephant while on her honeymoon in Africa. There is no just not stopping Lana Parrilla when it comes to her activist work.  

Those who love her give back just as much as she puts out. They respond big when she needs their help to raise money or to spread the word. They listen, they follow the organizations and charities, they donate, they do projects, and it gets even more people involved to raise awareness. There are so many ways to advocate, and Lana hits every single one on the nose. You give back what you put out, so I believe this is why so many look up to her as their idol.  

I admire and respect many, and Lana Parrilla happens to be on that list. She is quickly becoming part of the Hollywood elite.

Take a page out of her book and give some of her charities she is so passionate about, which include, but not limited to: @FaceForwardLA @DSTW, @HRC, @GLSEN, @GLAAD, and that is just some of them. She is also regularly finding new causes or charities to get behind and help. She also donates her time to others along with the never ending willingness to sign items for fundraising efforts. If she is asked, she responds.

Lana Parrilla and Rebecca Mader with Lana's #LongLiveHope Charity t-shirt

You can follow here on Twitter: @LanaParrilla and also like her Facebook page and also give her a follow on IG 

Written by Dana Jacoviello

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