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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Lana Parrilla Brings A Fairytale To Life

Lets Talk About It

Written by Dana Jacoviello

We all can thank the cast of Once Upon a Time for outstanding performances of epic Disney fairytale characters in a way that made them even more loveable than their alter egos in the animated versions. The show is based on messages of love and hope. It is not so much about telling the exact stories of the animated versions we all watched growing up, rather this show brought them to human form on our screen in a new light to where we are able to ask what if…

Since the beginning of season six, Lana Parrilla has been portraying dual roles. That being said, in a recent performance in episode 14 of season six, Lana Parrilla exploded on the screen in one of her most outstanding performances we have seen yet on the show. We can all agree that she has been a running force on this show since day one. Like a fine wine, she has only gotten better over the years.

Lana has given the audience characters that are relatable through her incredibly talented acting skills, and if nobody noticed, her voice skills are insane. The roles have always been multifaceted, but the way she can transition into different personalities, roles, and voice changes in one episode so many times is astounding. Lana Parrilla has played this role with grace and talent that is indescribable. She has given so much to fans on and off screen. The character development has been jaw dropping to watch every week, and we have all grown with these characters for the better. Regina and the Evil Queen have given us laughs and heartbreak, and regardless of what happens with Once Upon A Time, we have all been forever touched by Lana Parrilla, Regina, and the Evil Queen.

Over the years we have grown with Regina and her alter ego the Evil Queen in various ways. We have seen her from season one be indestructible and destructive to all those around her to Regina slowly finding the good inside of her and releasing the Evil Queen's mentality. She found people who believed in her and who were willing to forgive her past deeds. In turn it gave her hope in a future of love and happiness. She soon began to realize that she could forgive herself and see what others saw in her, which was to become the person she desperately always wanted to be and the hope that she deserved a second chance at life and finding people that accepted her and her flaws. It was no easy road and it took courage and strength, but she found it through believing in herself as she saw how much others did. Regina had help, but in the end, she did the real work. Something that is true for all of us.

She was able to redeem herself throughout the seasons, and we saw a woman who was once full of hate, chose the light. Regina not only became a beacon of hope for many on and off screen, but she found the family she never thought she would have. She was also able to go back  in season 5 to repair relationships that were once destroyed. Once again, we got to witness emotional and heartwarming scenes with Regina and her mother, sister, and father in the Underworld. There are countless moments in six years that have brought us to tears, emotional heartbreak, and happiness with Lana’s acting and her characters storylines. Kudos to the writing team for these moments.  

Regina has been awakened to the fact that though she can’t go back to change what she has done, but she is needed and loved. How often do we go through these changes or struggles where we love and hate ourselves or look to blame the world for what we are going through? We fight to forgive each other and ourselves, and we long for happiness through the storms that we weather.

Regina has shown how we can adapt and change if we truly want to change. She has given hope that as human beings we can overcome and love ourselves again. Self-love is something we all must practice. We are all human, and we make mistakes. Regina finally allowed herself to see that she deserved what everybody else had. She is no longer who she once was. After all, she wasn't always the Evil Queen.
We recently witnessed this in episode 14 where instead of crushing the Evil Queen’s heart, she shares her love with her. She might have separated herself from the dark at one point, but in the end, she took some of it back. The moment where she embraces herself is not only one we never anticipated, but whole heartedly felt and appreciated. It was a key moment in the series and Regina’s journey to redemption. What that showed us is that we all have darkness and light within us, and we can’t get rid of it; however, we can choose what we do with it and which one to embrace.

Episode 14 wrapped the entire saga up in the most heartwarming, real, and honest way for both characters. She did something she was never able to do, she chose love over hate, which is one of the most brave acts we have seen from the character. Regina gave the Evil Queen a gift in sharing her heart and in turn taking some of the pain and dark back. Once the Evil Queen felt what she so longed for…love, you can see the breakdown of emotions in the scene. The heart to heart talk between the two was not only a tear jerker, moment of clarity, and most of all, heartwarming, but a twist nobody saw coming. Sometimes we all wish we can sit down and have a talk with our other side.

The long anticipated battle turned into a hug fest full of love and respect for one another. As the Evil Queen said her goodbyes, she also apologized to Snow (where we all balled our eyes out) and was able to hear Henry call her mom. You truly felt for her. You were able to see that it was all pain and anger, and not who she wanted to be. This was proved when her spell brought her to herself in who she hated most.

In our own lives, we think it is others around us who hurt us that we are the most angry with, but all that does is hold us back from living by holding onto to pain. It takes away a piece of our souls in not finding peace in our hearts to let go.

This proved many things for Regina...that she has healed, she has changed, she has accepted herself, forgiven herself, allowed herself to love again, and is a true hero.

Fans agree that she should be racking up awards, and they find Lana and her characters to be incredibly inspirational to their own journeys. If your acting can provide that to people, then you know you are meant to be doing that job. Lana is definitely where she is meant to be, a true artist. She has taken a fairytale and brought it to life for people around the world.

Regina might not have found her happy ending in Robin Hood, but she has found her place in the world. She is at home…finally. I would say that classifies as a happy ending for both Regina and the evil queen. As Lana Parrilla always says…

“Good can come from broken.” – Lana Parilla
Thank you Lana Parrilla for not only brining a fairytale to life for your fans, but for giving us Regina and the evil queen. A Queen you will always be.