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La Bella Vita for Bullies Keep Out

Bullies Keep Out LLC is an organization and movement to support, mentor, and raise awareness to those have been bullied, harassed, or struggle from any form of hate, LGBT, Equality, Domestic Violence, Suicide Awareness, Addiction, and Mental Health. We use all avenues at our disposal to take action.

It is a place to come together, unite, connect, and create change through every avenue and outlet,... which includes our celebrity and other special advocates who speak out and stand up with us. We aim to make voices be heard, build bridges, empower, motivate, raise awareness, take action, fundraise, and become so strong that as one we will not be broken down by any bully or form of hatred. BKO is built on a foundation of love, hope, kindness, and respect.

WE DO NOT EXCLUDE ANYBODY. We are also here to work with and help the bullies who want reform. Everybody is a victim in this vicious cycle.

We are also here to help with any cyber bullying or harassment services you might need for social media. BKO works in conjunction and collaboration with other organizations, projects, and communities who care to help those in need be free of any fear and get the support you need.

Our Mission: A movement to take action, raise awareness, and support  all forms of bullying and hate while providing prevention and intervention through every outlet at our disposal for ALL ages, while providing hope, love, and support to create change.

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